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About Us

Helping small businesses fund their dreams by providing funding solutions and other critical services to startup business owners when they need it most. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to take things to the next level, you need capital to power your small business. And if you don’t have the money readily accessible, it’s likely you’ll need to get a small business loan.

No one should be left out of the economy because the cost is too great or the technology too complex.
So we’re building easy tools to empower and enrich people. Tools that shorten the distance between having an idea and making a living from it—because we believe in fair and square.

But before you start to research what getting a small business loan entails, there are some key things to nail down. First on that list is figuring out exactly how you’ll use your influx of cash (closely followed by how you’ll pay it back). Without a strategic, targeted plan for how you’re going to put
that money to work, it’s unlikely to help you move the needle..

We appreciate the effort it takes for small businesses to reach their goals, and we understand that banks aren’t always a viable option for credit. Accessing capital should be easy and clear. We believe you can accomplish great things with the right support, and we’re proud to help hardworking business owners like yourself find continued success. That’s why we strive to be a partner you can trust.